Dat new forum ideas from doc

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Dat new forum ideas from doc  Empty Dat new forum ideas from doc

Post by DrSmart96 on Wed May 29, 2013 6:58 pm

I don't know what perms i have or how i do create new posts accept now like these small post where i can replie. But i got some new ideas. Posts could be the one where it says ziimcraft ziimtekkit. There you can make new posts Off topic, game discution, Bugs and tecnical problems, ban apple, report a hacker, anusments. buts iits for eatch game. So if you click index and you see the part that say forum change that to ziimcraft and then make a new one saying ziimtekk and ziimwars. No one still does not have prems to make posts. But admins make off topic and stuff. Where people can make posts.

This will make it bigger and more intressting forum. afro

Now ziimzy if you don't understand what i mean then msg me.
Btw i don't know what perms i have. Razz

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